About me x

Well hi there! ...
OK, a little about myself so you know who I am...
I’m Sian, 41 and mum to 2 great boys.
My love of fashion started at an early age. I was the typical little daddy’s girl loving dress up, glitz, and glamour. I’ll always remember being on the local village gala float dressed up as a space angel, getting mum to braid my hair, covering it in loads of glitter and putting festival jewels on my face. I was in my element - loving the attention!

Hitting my late teens I wanted to travel but I’m not your backpack kind of girl so decided to go work with virgin Atlantic and fly with them for 3 years as a hostess. However, my love of fashion was eating away at me (as well as being away from my loved ones) so I came back up north and went to learn my trade with Arcadia. I then decided to take a leap of faith and opened my boutique Lala’s .

That was 13 years ago, and the rest (as they say) is history. There's been highs and lows, peaks and troughs, hard graft, mum-guilt, and the fact I never switch off. I’m always on the look out for new suppliers but it makes it all worth it when I see a smile on a customers face.

I want to make women feel good. Confident. Strong.
To put that outfit on ready for girls night, dinner, a first date, and feel fabulous. Pulling on a new outfit, looking in the mirror and feeling ‘fantastic‘, it boosts your confidence and makes you unstoppable.
I must warn you though: I’m brutal. I’ll tell you straight. If it doesn’t suit, I’ll tell you. It’s not about the ‘sale’ with me , it’s about YOU walking out of here feeling great about yourself. It’s about someone saying “you look great, where did you buy your outfit?”. You guys are my walking advert - and I'll make you look spectacular!

I’m all about high street prices and accessorising with designer pieces. Your outfit doesn’t have to break the bank, but keep a few staple pieces in your wardrobe and accessorise your outfit with your designer clutch/belt/shoes and if it means you can buy a new outfit every time we are going out then I’m a happy girl .

Just so you know there’s nothing I buy for LaLa’s that I wouldn’t wear myself. I’m not into high fashion, I’m into quality ‘classic’ pieces that don’t date .. that jumper/coat/dress you can pull out year after year and it still looks good ...

So here’s my first blog that I wanted to share with you
Remember ladies, my motto:

‘A girl can never have enough‘ #truestory

Speak soon
Lots of love Siani