Your three winter essentials scarves , hats and gloves

Peeps, those that know me, know that I’m always cold. It could be the middle of summer and Sian’s got her chill on .. 
It makes me chuckle when any guy comes in to my home. Be it a friend, my dad, brother in law ... they complain about the heat, stand near the window/door etc .. 
Yes I admit I like to be warm. You will never find me taking a skiing holiday, I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes. Give me a hot country, beach, and a good book and I’m good to go ..
True story:  when I left my ex-husband many moons ago, and moved in to the granny flat at mum and dads for a while, British Gas actually rang dad up and asked if he’d had a gas leak!
So this week I'm giving you my definitive guide to wearing the season's cosiest scarves, hats, and gloves. These are 3 of your most important, vital wardrobe assets for the cold season to beat the chill in style.
Chances are you are now starting to wrap up in all your winter extras? Yeah .. well let’s make you look fab and glamorous and not like Benny from crossroads (sorry if this is before your time, I’m old).
We are going to keep this chilly weather at bay whilst still looking elegant and fabulous and enjoy the onset of crisp (hopefully) dry cold mornings. We CAN still look chic but comfortable. We will still be warm but cosy. We can add fun pieces together and use bright colours that make our outfits pop. These accessories are going to make or break your outfit in these winter months . 
Let’s choose a scarf or hat that compliments your skin tone. This is going to make you look vibrant on your cold morning commute. Have fun with our multi coloured gloves that keep you as snug as a bug, leather or PU gloves are a catwalk fave. Keep those ears toasty warm with our diamanté beany pom hats (some days you’re in a pom mood, others you’re not. I get it, but I’ve got it covered: They are detachable so it provides a solution, although the more glam the better for me! Even more so for easy washing as I don’t know about you girls but I’m guaranteed to get that double wear foundation all over the rim of my hat … 
Let’s embrace this cold weather whilst we are feeling no guilt at ordering that extra hot chocolate with all the trimmings and feel fabulous in our winter warmers. 
Lots of love , Siani x